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People often confuse pergolas with arbors. However, they are distinct structures! Typically, pergolas stand on four posts. They have a grid roof for shade and are usually free-standing. Some homeowners even choose to attach their pergola to another structure. Their versatility and shade make pergolas a popular choice. Many homeowners pick them for their backyard addition.

Custom Pergolas, Arbors, and Beyond

Every backyard is unique and we aim for the best return on your investment. Our committed contractors will design a custom outdoor structure for you. We provide a range of materials, styles, and price points for selection.

We believe your yard should be unique and personalized. Hence, we offer many options for you. Connect with us today to explore the best structure for your yard.

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Your New Outdoor Structure: A Guide

There are many different backyard structures for you to choose from. Here’s a guide to the most common outdoor features we build for our clients!


Presenting one of our most straightforward outdoor features, the arbor is typically a square-cornered or arched frame positioned strategically within your backyard. Arbors serve as a fantastic means to delineate entry or exit points in your yard, and consequently, they amplify the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

Additionally, we provide arbors that are designed to stand independently, or alternatively, arbors that can be enveloped in climbing plants for a more natural appearance. Regardless of their style, arbors inject a handcrafted, sophisticated aesthetic into any outdoor space they occupy. Hence, if you’re after a simple yet impactful addition to your yard, an arbor could be the perfect fit for you.


Introducing a more elaborate structure than an arbor, a gazebo stands almost as a standalone building. Structurally, gazebos are upheld by columns and come with a robust roof to shield them from the elements, enhancing their utility and appeal. Additionally, they can be outfitted with built-in swings, benches, and more, based on your preference.

Gazebos also come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can opt for larger or smaller designs, tailored to your needs. Generally speaking, our gazebos are crafted to withstand the test of time. Indeed, we aim for our gazebos to be not just temporary additions, but enduring enhancements to your outdoor space. In short, when you opt for a gazebo, you’re investing in a structure designed to be fairly permanent.


Although pergolas are often mistakenly equated with arbors, these two structures are, in fact, quite distinct! Pergolas are supported by four posts, featuring a grid roof that provides a comforting shade, and they are typically free-standing.

Additionally, while pergolas can proudly stand alone, some homeowners opt for their pergola to be adjoined to another structure on one side, adding an extra level of functionality and integration with the existing outdoor area. Owing to their versatility and the desirable shade they provide, pergolas have become a popular choice among homeowners looking to enrich their backyard with a new, practical feature. Consequently, if you’re seeking an addition that combines both style and function, a pergola could well be your ideal solution.

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