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If you’re looking for a professional commercial Deck, look no further! Passaic Deck Builders specializes in commercial decks Passaic, NJ. properties alongside other services.

When you want to add a deck to your Passaic restaurant to add more seating and space, we are your go-to deck contractor. We can help not only improve the look of your property but improve functionality. Our decks give you the extra seating needed to help your restaurant grow and thrive.

Unlike other contractors, we will ensure your deck fits your business property’s aesthetics! We can help you improve the appearance of your property with deck installation. We’ve completed successful projects in deck building for offices, restaurants, hotels, and commercial buildings. By adding a deck to your Passaic business, you are adding value and space for your business to grow.

We shape dreams into reality with commercial island decks, detached decks, wraparound decks, multi-level decks, side yard decks, swimming pool decks, and entryway decks among others. Touch base with us at 973-315-6582 and let us play a part in making your Passaic, NJ commercial property more functional, beautiful, and valuable.

Our services include but are not limited to deck building, arbor and pergola building, patio cover building, and other outdoor hardscape services. Apart from new deck installations, we offer repair and replacement services in Passaic and surrounding areas. Use the Get a Free Quote form above and learn how we can increase your property value and functionality with stunning concepts.

Commercial Decks Passaic NJ Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to have a commercial deck installed is a big decision. That’s why we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our deck-building services here! Since the price of a deck may daunt you, we want you to feel informed.

What building requirements apply to commercial decks?

Unlike residential decks, commercial decks have a few more rules attached. Therefore, hiring an experienced contractor is essential to having a deck that meets local requirements. Commercial decks need to accommodate the extra people that will regularly walk on them. Also, they should be easy to exit in case of an emergency. Some special decks require additional considerations as well. For example, a hotel pool deck needs a waterproof coating.

What do the means of egress have to do with deck building?

“Egress” is the way that people can exit your commercial deck. If your deck space is a required exit at your business, it needs to be built from fire-resistive materials. As long as your deck satisfies IBC requirements, it can be made from any material you’d like. Also, decks that have an occupancy of over 50 people need exit signs and pathway lighting for an easy exit. There are a few different means of egress you can choose from as well, like stairs, ramps, or your building itself. All commercial decks need at least one exit that can’t be blocked. These exits should also be slip-resistant for extra safety.

Why is waterproofing so important?

The IBC gives us a baseline for safety accommodations, but there’s more to safety than regulations. Even without an emergency, your deck should be safe to occupy! One of the main things we do for added safety is waterproofing. Waterproofing prevents your customers or employees from slipping on moisture and injuring themselves. It also protects your deck from the elements, meaning it will last longer. Water damage is the downfall of many decks, so a waterproof coating is always recommended for commercial decks.


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